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Handicap Toilets

Ameri-Tex offers portable toilet rentals to customers in East Texas! Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an outdoor concert, a city event, a carnival, a family reunion, or anything else – you need sanitary restrooms, sinks, and possibly even showers for your guests.

Each portable toilet, sink, and shower we provide is its own separate unit. We also offer water heaters to provide you and your guests with enhanced comfort and cleanliness. Plus, all of our portable sanitation offerings are ADA approved, meaning you can rest assured your event will provide everything your guests need in accordance with state and federal safety guidelines.

When planning your event do not forget that you will also need a handicap toilet unit. Many cities and counties now require an ADA compliant/wheelchair accessible toilet on site at public events. Ameri-Tex has plenty of these units but it is always good to order in advance to reserve one for your needs. Reserve your rental today.